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Potona Marine visiting America, Canada & Turkey

Time:2016-05-12 Click:1650

In order to expand the international markets further to boost the growth of foreign trade sales, Potona Marine arranged a visit to the customers in America, Canada & Turkey from Apr.16th to May 3rd of 2016 and got the wide contact & communication with the owners for a series of potential projects.

From Apr.17th to 20th, we inspected two local yacht clubs in Seattle to get more knowledge of the local business condition, facilities & services, environmental protection requirements and regulations;

From Apr.21st to 24th, we visited one yacht sales company and one yacht club in Vancouver and learned the local increasing demand for yachts and marinas through the communication with the customers.

From Apr.25th to May 3rd, we visited the customers in Turkey including the local government marine department and some investing companies and introduced our goods and services through the contact with the related parties. Furthermore, we learned the local demand for marinas further which will lay a solid foundation for the future development.