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The word “marina” conjures images of exotic sea side ports of call for a good reason, that’s exactly what a marina is, a small coastal dock that is designed to handle only yacht-sized small boats, and not the cargo from giant freighters or hundreds of travelers from large commercial passenger ships. As a result of a growing global interest in marinas around the world, covers all aspects of marinas including travel, locations, safety, weather, trip planning and related marina facilities.

Users at can view the world’s best marinas and surrounding waterways online to discover what they need to know about a specific destination and learn how to navigate the nearby inlets, harbors and bridges to get there and back without any unpleasant surprises. Our marina directory database also includes all the information needed to explore local landmarks and features surrounding a marina destination like parks, lighthouses and landmarks and even shopping and restaurant areas too.

The extensive database of marina information in the directory at contains links to marina maps along with low altitude, high-resolution aerial photography of some of the most popular destinations. In addition to the directory you will also find links of interest to everyone who enjoys waterfront living with deep water dockage and communities with marinas located within them. You can locate boat and yacht builders, boat and yacht insurance companies and yacht rentals along with details on local accommodations, restaurants, rental cars, luxury waterfront real estate with dockage and other businesses related to the boating lifestyle. is a dedicated site created for travelers and small boat enthusiasts who enjoy a more personal experience away from the big ports and tourist crowds at off-the-beaten-path destinations only a good marina can provide. combines the ease of online browsing with the ability to learn about and ultimately choose the marina destinations that best meet your needs. Get started now and enjoy browsing our ever-changing listings of marina information and other topics related to the marina lifestyle today.