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    Elegant Naturally assembled parts, simple and effective structure, meet your expected taste better.
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    Aluminum Alloy Frame Made of 6061 T6 marine grade aluminum
    profiles welded by MIG welding process,
    which is strong, salt fog resistant and
    has a long service life.

    Floating Box Enhanced PE floating box is made of LLHDPE
    and one-time shaped by rotational molding
    technology, without any gap; filled with
    15kg/m3 polystyrene foam, black color,
    average thickness is above 5mm. It has the
    resistant features of sunshine, seawater,
    wave, petroleum corrosion and aging.
    Deck It abandoned the defects of natural wood
    like: cracking, warping and color difference,
    etc., so periodic maintenance is unnecessary.
    It has a long lifespan and has good resistant
    features of fire, water, corrosion, insect, fungus,
    acid & alkaline, free of hazardous and pollution.
    Kinds of colors and patterns are available.
    Cleat 316 stainless steel cleats.
    Casting stainless steel cleats
    fastening by stainless steel
    inserts and bolts in the external
    profile rail. The fastening system
    can be adjusted easily.
    Fender Installed on the both sides of the floating
    dock. Sand yellow, gray, black and white
    color which seldom has color fading.
    Protect hulls from impacts.
    Corner fender will be installed at the end
    of each finger to protect hulls, from impacts.
    Same color as side fender, PE material.
    Water and power Both sides of the pontoon will be installed
    service ducts and covers, which is convenient
    for the installation of wires and pipes.
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